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Watch: Pabi Cooper’s “Waga Bietjie” Visuals

Pabi Cooper is one of the biggest musical artists dominating the Amapiano genre. At only 21 years of age Pabi Cooper has reached quite a number of milestones. She released her debut project titled Cooperville on the 14th of October 2022 with ‘Waga Bietjie’ as the lead single. This song is an absolute banger, everything that Mellow & Sleazy touches undeniably turns to gold.

She has now released the official music video for the song, the effort and creativity that was put in are quite impressive. The styling, the storyline and the cameos from all the familiar faces from social media and the support from Ch’cco and Focalistic made the video captivating and heartwarming. The video was directed by film director KMane. Watch the video below.

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