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Watch: Phiwo Performs “No Mistakes” Live

I think I am running out of words to describe the amount of talent in the burgeoning R&B scene in South Africa, and one such talent goes by the name Phiwo. She released her first solo effort titled Letters – EP in September of 2021. The 18-minute long offering sees Phiwo deliver her trademark flow-heavy vocal abilities atop rich production and with “No Mistake” being a favourite among the ‘Woahs’, as she affectionately calls us, it comes as no surprise to see the single being chosen for a live rendition.

The vocalist breathed new life into the single with a live rendition of the song accompanied by a band. The young artist delivered a wonderful performance and gives one reason to go out and experience the live set for themself. As stunning as the visuals are of Phiwo’s performance, you can still enjoy the live performance on your DSP of choice. Watch “No Mistakes (Live)” below.

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