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Watch: Redbat – The Halloween Story Part 1

With Halloween fast approaching, brands are gearing up for the celebration of the occasion and Redbat is seemingly the brand to get the ball rolling. Despite Halloween not being an occasion that is celebrated in South Africa, most youth; myself included, recognise the holiday and treat it mainly as an opportunity to have a theme to style your self-expression around. Redbat has chosen to take a different approach to announce its upcoming Halloween range in place of the mundane photoshoot with influencers.

source: Instagram(@redbat.official)

The brand produced a short video titled ‘The Halloween Story part 1’ which features model and influencer Zoliswa Mbadu. The plot sees Zoliswa play the all too familiar role of a scared teen who receives an unexpected guest at the door. When she opens the door, she is greeted by a note reading “I know what you did at Swank” in blood… watch the video below.

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