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WATCH: RIMON Goes Home On “20/20” Music Video

RIMON released the music video to a song titled “20/20”, taken off her 2021 EP, Digital Tears. The music video is cinematic and profoundly moving. It demands your attention and keeps you fixated because of the striking visuals. Shot in her home country of Ethiopia, the music video speaks to her returning home to not only Ethiopia but also mother nature. Rimon’s voice feels spiritual and puts me in a meditating state. The song reminds one to stay still and appreciate the natural beauty of being alive and recognise that everything around us is alive. One would ask themselves why an artist would opt against featuring in their own music video, but I think this is one of those cases where it makes perfect sense. Forget about everything else going on around you when you are watching this music video. In the words of RIMON, “I’ve been distancing myself In servers, that couldn’t help”. Watch the music video below.

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