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WATCH: S B X “Why” Music Video

S B X just released the music video for her song titled “Why?” which is taken off her latest album These Songs Are About You Too. For those that aren’t familiar with S B X, she is a deeply vulnerable artist who shares intimate details of her life in her music. I think that’s what makes her music all the more incredible to me. Not only is she opening herself up to the world to critique her art, but she is also allowing people to pick apart her innermost relationships.

She opens the music video with a soliloquy to give context of the space she was in when she wrote the song. I love the shot changes at different parts of the soliloquy to emphasise different points of the story.

I love how this music video uses simple items to bring the story to life. When S B X touches on how the relationship is not working out, the distance and disconnect is shown through the translucent wrappings. Almost like S B X simultaneously can and cannot see her (former) lover.

Really amazing work by S B X & VISUALSBYDADDYQUE. Enjoy the music video below.

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