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Watch: Smino FT. J Cole “90 Proof” Visuals

Smino has released the music video for the most streamed song off his latest album Luv 4 Rent. ‘90 Proof‘ featured J Cole and the artistry, visuals, sounds, and everything feels and looks like liquid gold in its purest form. The music video is literally a whole production Smino’s vision and creativity are evident and he managed to put in an incredibly insane storyline. The music video starts off with a girl putting a dart on Smino’s face over a planned-out board on the wall. It then moves to Smino picking a girl up in his car while smiling uncontrollably, who goes to a little get-together with friends.

The song chances in the middle of the music video for a few seconds before it moves back to ’90 Proof’ followed by J Cole’s verse where we see him sitting at a barnyard then we see him hanging out with friends and what I would like to assume is friends having fun, outside. The first part of the music video gives off a chilled, fun kind of vibe. After the song is done a slowed-down version comes in next with an insane plot, that starts off with a girl crying while smoking and looking at the house Smino and the girl are in.

Smino on the other side is having a cute little intimate session with his girl as the crying girl sneakers in while holding a knife and a hammer. The girl then hides the knife inside her dress and enters the room that Smino and his girl are in, making the story more intriguing. But the screen turns black and comes back to Smino running into the woods with the two girls running after her, at first I thought they were running after him to hurt him but they were running while taking off their clothes and smiling hysterically leaving us in confusion. The music video ends with a slowed down of ‘Blu Billy’ a song off his current album. To watch ’90 Proof’ click below:


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