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Watch: Tomi Owó on “Bird” Visuals

photography source: Instagram(@tomiowo)

Tomi Owó is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who creates urban soul, jazz and R&B music that has an ethereal sound to it. Her biography page on her self-titled website describes her music as, “mellow yet with rich vocals and emotive elements.” She broke into the music scene in 2018 when she released her favoured EP titled Pieces with a total of five songs.

Recently she released a new single titled “Bird” on the 03rd of August to be precise and released its visuals a few days ago. “Bird” is an R&B/Pop single that is described as “an eclectic pop fusion sound” by Culture Custodian. The song is simply about being free as a bird and flying to whatever destination your wings navigate you to. Watch the music video below:

Just 3-minutes long, Bird is short and sweet, with a mellow and slightly whimsical undertone that highlights Tomi’s silky voice. 

– Culture Custodian
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