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Watch Tyson Sybateli & Jay Jody’s New ‘If Found, Bring Home’ Footage

Tyson Sybateli & Jay Jody’s new music video for ‘If Found, Bring Home’ has finally dropped online after its debut yesterday. The music video was directed by. Tyson Sybateli, Jay Jody, Zondieeffekt TV & Mofmradio and starts off with Tyson’s emotive performance as we see him slowly walking down a street before Jay Jody comes in to finish it off with his addition. The collaboration of the two has gotten many hip-hop fans exciting for what feels like a breath of fresh air being blown into the game because it had been rare to get straight-up rap records being highlighted mainstream-wise and this drop is ushering in a new appreciation for the art which never died contrary to the industry’s belief.

Watch below:

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  1. Dope! Dope!

  2. This music video bangs! These homies never disappoint, that old VCR look and feel is dope!

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