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Watch: “We Cry Together” Short Film

Stop tap dancing around the conversation.

Kendrick Lamar and PgLang finally released the long-anticipated short film, yes, a short film not just a mere music video. The short film was live recorded on the 15th of March 2020 and four months ago in June Laemmle’s Royal Theatre showcased the film for a week. As mentioned in one of our previously published articles ‘We Cry Together’ undoubtedly highlights the dynamics of a toxic relationship and these beautifully captured visuals exhibit exactly that.

PgLang prides itself in creating immersive visual storytelling and they also embrace both quality and unconventional concepts. Adam Newport-Berra a cinematographer born and bred in Oregon did an exceptional job of making this video look and feel authentic, from the colour, lighting, and framing of every single shot in this short film.

You may have picked up that the video audio sounds noticeably different from the actual song, that is because the short film was recorded in one take two years ago as mentioned above. If you haven’t watched the short film and its jaw-dropping ending, click play below:

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