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Watch: Zulu Mecca “Culture” Visuals

Mandisa Nduna is the star of many acts she is not only an actor but she is also a poet and rapper known as Zulu Mecca. She has released the music video for ‘Culture’ which comes from her recent album WEPT. The music video colour is black and white and art is the word I can use to describe the visuals. The art and the symbolism in the music video together with the wordplay are raw, straight and honest.

At the beginning of the music video, Mecca is seen holding a clay pot with both of her before she appears sitting next to a mysterious-looking man. There are also parts where we see her peaking through a broken hole followed by hands poking through that same hole. Zulu Mecca’s remarkable wordplay and storytelling blend well with the motion and angles of the video, we get to really see why she truly is the culture. A fact that I do not simply disagree with. To watch the music video click below:


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