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We Are About To Go Off The Wall With Muzi At The “Before The Tour” Free Concert

Before Covid-19 happened, Muzi was set to have a concert but unfortunately, It did not happen due to covid-19 and lockdown restrictions and after waiting for nearly three years, the concert is finally happening all thanks to Muzi and Vans.

This free admission concert is titled, “Before the Tour” and it will be happening on Saturday, the 21st of May 2022 at Sognage 304. Muzi will not be the only artist on stage as there is an exciting lineup with Espacio Dios, Kat Upendi, Half n Half, Volume and Adillxh.

I got my ticket and I hope you got yours as well because we are not going to miss the Zulu Skywalker giving us good vibes only.

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