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Westside Boogie Performs On NPR Tiny Desk

Compton rapper Anthony Tremaine Dixson, known professionally as Westside Boogie has arguably one of the best hip-hop album’s that dropped this year with, More Black Superheroes that was released in June. With 62 million monthly listeners on his Spotify this year, the numbers reflect on how great of an album he put out – Truly replay worthy. Well put out.

Known for bringing real life experiences into his music, the Compton poet’s vulnerable music needed an NPR Tiny Desk concert, especially after the release of his deluxe edition that included some live performance songs.

“For anybody that woke up in a dark place today I know what it’s like and I believe in you ..Man anybody who knows me knows how important this moment was for me ..Im just proud of myself and everybody around me dog”

Westside Boogie on performing on Tiny Desk

Working his way up for many years, this concert is a full circle moment for Westside Boogie. The title of his latest project, “More Black Superheroes”, is in part dedicated to two recurring themes in his music: his neighbourhood and his son. For his Tiny Desk concert, he played songs from that album, including “NONCHALANT,” featuring former Tiny Desk Contest contestant Mamii and other highlights from his catalog.

SET LIST: “N*** Needs” “Lolsmh” “STUCK” “NONCHALANT” “Silent Ride”

After the performance, in a full circle moment, Boogie signed a poster from our 2015 SXSW showcase, which he was part of, telling us it was his first paid show.

NPR Tiny Desk.

One of the best musical experiences you’ll hear today, check out the concert below;

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