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Why We’re Now Tuned In To “AMIS RADIO”

You know that feeling you get when you come across a gem of music? I’m talking about that electric poke that reminds you why you’re such a huge lover of music in the first place… That’s the feeling you’ll probably get when you tune into AMIS RADIO by pressing play on that AMI2 project that was recently shared by the music collective…

Made-up of 16 tracks in total that all display, what we believe, are pristine examples of how the embracing of the spirit of collaboration can create an artistic and sonic experience that one could deem as a true rare occurrence that not only champion’s each contributor’s expressive elegance but it collectively presents various reasons for deserved praise mixed with a full confidence in those leading a new wave of sound within culture whether you believe it or not.

Credit-wise, the impressive talents of Amis, WalterCanAutotune, Trigganasty, Lwamii, Skai, Terebi, Ukhona and Zango Kubheka are constant mentions of those responsible for laying the production foundations of the songs found on AMI2 but its when you assemble the featured artist’s talents as well that adds integral ingredients in to the pot… In terms of features, the likes of Phiwo, Colkaze ROHO, Tyson Sybateli, Lous, BELO SALO, Lewi Ercoll, miles, ZRI and SCUMIE are proudly mentioned and every song that carries their name is unique in its own way… Its almost like this is everybody’s album because the intentions felt and delivered on each song gives off the impression that pure passion for music and a respect for each person’s artistry truly led the way here.

Whether you listen to songs such as ‘Can’t Stop You’ or Acid Blue (with ROHO), you’ll be eating good regardless… Yeah, this isn’t really a review but more of a slow hand clap to just appreciate the talents that exist within our industry and hopefully you share the same sentiments…

Listen below:


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