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Wizkid Finally Announces The Official Upcoming Album Release Date

Wizkid has been announcing this highly anticipated album for quite a while with no follow-through, even I was starting to lose hope. He first announced that he will be releasing a new body of work a couple of months ago on an Instagram post where he said, “1 year already!! Thank you for riding with me. I’m just very grateful for all the love and blessings. Promised not to make you wait too long for the next one. “More Love Less Ego” dropping on the last day of the tour! I love you!” 

Later on, he confirmed and stated that the album is ready and it has very few features in an interview he did with Apple Music as Apple Music’s Artist of the Year – Africa. Wizkid also took to Instagram stories to announce the date, the 5th of August 2022. The 5th of August came and went by with no album release, but luckily he just took to social media to announce the official release date which is the 04th of November 2022. You can pre-order the album on different streaming platforms.

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