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“Y I Want U” Newly Released Single By Somadina

Sprouting Nigerian musical artist Somadina broke into the industry five years ago when she released her first single titled ‘IHY’ an anti-love anthem as explained by Native Mag, the single set the tone of what more we should expect from this talented artist. In 2020 Somadina released a five-tracked EP titled Five Stages in which she opened up about her gut-wrenching journey that came about after a heartbreak. The EP was a rollercoaster ride that took her listeners through the ups and downs of her young adult life.

Fast pace to 2022 and Somadina has evolved as an artist from releasing an anti-love anthem to now releasing a pro-love single titled ‘Y I Want U’, which is the first official single from her forthcoming alternative body of work titled Heart Of The Heavenly Undeniable (HOTHU). The single was co-written by Somadina, Adey and Adiv and it is an alternative pop record about someone who she can’t get off her mind. Listen to ‘Y I Want U’ below.

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