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Yung Tyran Said “Don’t Try Understand It Feel It”

Yung Tyran is gearing up for the release of his debut album, but in the meantime, he has given us an EP titled Don’t Try Understand It Feel It. The 4 track EP brings out the best attributes of Yung Tyron as a rapper, or my favourite version at least. The 4 track EP sees Yung Tyran strike the perfect balance between melodies and rhyme schemes. 

As much as I don’t like to use this term to describe music, it makes sense in the context of this EP. Don’t Try Understand It Feel It is.. well.. music that you feel rather than dissect. It’s the type of music you can listen to when you want to feel confident and reassured without being deeply thoughtful. It has the perfect intensity you would hear from an ‘old Drake’ song. It’s emotional without being mopey. It’s confident without being arrogant. As much as I am a fan of Zodiac and consider that to be Yung Tyran’s defining sound, this EP encapsulates everything that Yung Tyran is about in an easily digestible 4 tracks. Listen to Don’t Try Understand It Feel It below.

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