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ZuluMecca Announces Upcoming Full Length EP titled “WEPT.”

The [STAY LOW] team is hard at work this year with ZuluMecca being the most recent artist on their roster to announce new work. The 7-track EP will be mixed and mastered by Herc Cut The Lights, curated by ShooterKhumz and executively produced by Vaughn Thiel.

This EP will come following the release of ZuleMecca’s 2021 offering titled FABLE. From the outside looking in, WEPT. will be a continuation of the story ZuluMecca began telling on the previous offering and we cannot wait for the next chapter of this story to be told. We don’t think it would be such a bad idea for you to listen to FABLE. as we watch how ZuluMecca executes the rollout plan for WEPT.

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